Black is gold and always has been. Don't let anybody tell you different, or make you feel any less than what you are. We suffer (ed) from oppression, slavery, discrimination, and sooo much more, but we cannot allow societal views depict on who we are as a people. Live in your true color every day and for the rest of your life! Show this canvas off in your home or even in your office as a daily reminder.


Custom sizes are available. Please email for ALL custom orders.

Gold Drip

PriceFrom $80.00
  • Full color 
  • Thin Gallery Wrap (0.75")
  • Mirror Image: Illustration will mirror around the edges of the canvas.
  • Lamination to ensure longevity; 100 years+ 
  • Hooks for Hanging
  • Available in 9in x 12in, 13in x 17in, & 16inx20in
  • Price includes: Art Design & Canvas Print