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Black is Gold. ®

"The black is beautiful, baby, black is bold
Black is black, true, but black is gold"


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what is black is gold?

Have you ever felt like the world was against you? Like being black was a curse and that nobody understood or cared about what you were experiencing internally? Or felt like because of society, you couldn’t be your true authentic self? Well, that’s how I felt prior to Black is Gold. 

Black is Gold was initially created to uplift and encourage myself as I journey through this thing called life. I started with just a few illustrations, illustrating words and affirmations that would ideally allow me to accept my flaws and be proud of who I am as a black woman. I wanted the words “You are a Queen” to resonate within my heart, body, and soul. Then I thought, though I may feel like the only black person in the world that’s battling internally, I know I’m not the only one; so let me spread this same positivity to all the black Kings and Queens out there.

This platform is to encourage ALL black Kings and Queens to love you just the way God made you. Fearfully and wonderfully made! My art is created to uplift and empower us to stay positive and keep going! To NEVER dim your light because others can’t handle all of this melanin greatness! To shine golden and bright just like the skin you’re in. As I continue my journey of self-love, I want (not just black people), but all people to understand just how beautiful being black is. With Black is Gold, I also want to motivate other individuals to accomplish their goals and dream big. Nothing is impossible. If you can clearly see the vision for your life, then it can definitely manifest, only if you believe. I want Black is Gold to help my black people to believe in themselves and believe in what he/she does. 

Stay golden and continue to be bold & proud because our ancestors would want us to! 

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