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Custom Designs

Black is Gold ® also specializes in custom illustrations where you can send an image to be illustrated and printed on canvas, digital print or pillow. This can be a great gift for parents,

a significant other, a college student, a birthday, or even just for yourself.

To purchase custom illustrations, please use the fields below to enter in the information.

Once received, we will send an email with further instructions within 24 hours.


Or if you are looking to get a custom order such as t-shirts, please feel out form below as well.


Canvas Art


Pillow (front & back)


Canvases comes in any custom size.

Want a custom design to gift a love one?
Or a custom design to spice your home decor?
Fill out the inquiry form below with all the details, and we got you!

Thank you so much for your inquiry!

You will receive an email with further instructions within 24 hours.

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